Tour on the Amalfi coast and Transfer

Tiffany and I finally organized 1300 pictures from our trip and I thought you might like a copy of this picture.

I think it is really good of both you and Tiffany – of course you are both good looking so pictures of you must be good!
You are now famous in my town – so many friends wanted to hear about my trip and your tour was the best. Thank you for all the time you took with us. You will forever be a part of our memories of Amalfi, etc.
Love the spices we bought on the way to Positano. I’ve been trying to find them online to order some but can’t find it.
Congratulations on teaching yourself English. You do a fine job. I tried to study the Italian courses I’ve had on the book shelf for years but I find it hard to get the right pronunciation.
Have a great weekend.

All The Best,



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