Hi Johnny

Hi Johnny: Return to the U.S. two days ago and wanted to let you know that of all the places we saw in Italy (Rome, Florence, Amalfi coast), Sorrento is my favorite!

And thanks to your drivers , the day up the coast was absolutely fabulous. His driving was very safe – actually my sister and I both fell asleep on the way back to Naples while the driver was driving through the windy mountainside. He was also very courteous, making many stops along the way to take pictures. The restaurant he took us for lunch was great also – wonderful view and delicious pasta! I plan to return to the Amalfi coast next year and spend a few days in Sorrento and take the ferry to Capri. I will definitely call you for your service. Hopefully next time, we can meet. I know we passed your Mercedes van during our ride and we recognized you from your photos on the website. Ciao!



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